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The Polish-Singapore Friendship Foundation is a Polish registered non-government foundation that aims to cross-promote polish culture and art in the Republic of Singapore and vice versa, through the fostering of international relations between cultural institutions, artists and other relevant stakeholders.

Peranakan Museum, Singapore

In Singapore, we have wide network of enthusiastic partners with great understanding of local culture who have vast interest to expand the exposure to Polish-European culture and art in Asia including Singapore. From our track record, we are proud  that our cultural projects have had an overwhelmingly positive response in Singapore since our inception. 

For the ongoing projects, FPS&A partnered with different institutions both private and public. Recently, we organised exhibitions displaying artistic photos of the Republic of Poland presented in conjunction with local Singaporean artists held in prominent locations in 2022 to 2023. 

FPS&A is proud that Lufthansa Airlines is the sponsor of the "Amber Road," the biggest project for the year 2023. Through FPS&A, the management team of Lufthansa, along with twelve Singaporean tourism experts, visited Gdańsk. Our goal, which was the successful promotion of Gdańsk and Singapore in the tourism, business, and artistic industries, has been achieved.

We have also organised community engagement events in shopping malls for cultural appreciation of music through a local artist playing piano pieces written by a Polish composer. During main events in Singapore, we introduced the attendees to Polish short stories and recitals of Baltic Folklore songs. FPS&A  is on-track for establishing a sister Foundation with the office in Singapore. 

All of operations of the Foundation is funded through the goodwill of donors. To  contribute to our activities please reach out to us. 

The FPS&A would like to stress that the Foundation is an apolitical organisation. The annual report is submitted to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Minister Radosław Sikorski.


Agnieszka Agnes Koltun

The  President and  Co-Founder of  FPS&A Agnieszka Koltun has been living in Singapore for 15 years. Since her arrival, Agnieszka has been participating in bilateral art and science projects. 

She  envisioned the Foundation with a role of  the concept called 'Amber Road' where art, science and business meets together. 

Krystian Koterbski

The Vice President  and Founder of FPS&A, member of the International Press Club.

Krystian Koterbski was a radio broadcaster and currently he is in consultancy with the BBC, as a Polish culture liaison. 

Krystian is a photographer and a juror of many literary competitions. He is deeply founded interest in Asian culture, art and business. 


FPS&A was invited by James Cook University's Singapore campus to participate in one of its MBA courses where graduate students explored how the Foundation could expand its presence and influence in Singapore and in the region.

Lech Wałęsa is known for his support of culture and international initiatives, including the Polish-Singaporean Friendship Foundation. The Foundation promotes Polish culture and art in the Republic of Singapore and vice versa, by supporting relationships between cultural institutions, science, and business. President Lech Wałęsa is a living memory for Singaporeans who approach Polish culture with enthusiasm.

Photo of Lech Wałęsa, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, with Agnieszka Koltun, president of the Foundation Friendship Poland-Singapore and Asia.

FPS&A is proud to have successfully completed the grand project of bringing a group of Singaporeans, NATAS, from Singapore to Poland. This project was realized thanks to the cooperation of the city of Gdańsk, the Union of Maritime Cities and Municipalities, represented by director Marcin Makowski, and the airline Lufthansa.

A group of twelve Singaporeans arrived in Gdańsk under the patronage of President Agnieszka Koltun. Upon their arrival, they immediately met with Vice President Krystian Koterbski, who ensured that the entire stay of NATAS went according to plan. The plan involved business meetings with key individuals in Gdańsk involved in tourism. It is impossible to mention all the people here, but starting with the Singaporean ambassador to FPS&A, Paul Singh Gill, we appreciate the support we received in this adventure of exploring the Amber Road , which is associated with progress in the field of business culture, connecting the charm of amber.

The project of bringing Singaporeans to Poland was initiated by Desmond Chin Tjao Khang from the Singapore branch of Lufthansa. FPS&A presented this project to Philipp Bonkatz, the Chief Director of Lufthansa in Asia, who also came to Gdańsk to attend a dedicated conference held at the Holiday Inn Hotel. During the conference, he met with several individuals including Michał Dargacz, the Director of Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa Airport, and Łukasz Wysocki, the Director of the Gdańsk Tourism Organization.

During the meeting, our guests presented a crystal trophy awarded to "Tourism-Friendly Cities" and officially invited the city of Gdańsk to participate in the NATAS Fair, the largest industry event in Singapore, where FPS&A will represent Poland.

Amber Road | Connecting City of Gdansk to Singapore

Together, let's celebrate Singapore National Day in a way that truly embodies the essence of the nation. 

FPS&A it is delightful to offer to the Singaporean guests polish cousin.

Thank you for your interest in promoting cultural exchange and friendship between Poland, Singapore, and other countries in Asia. It's wonderful to see the value you place on understanding and appreciation among diverse communities.

FPS&A is excited to be part of this special event and to listen to the stories and experiences of people from different professions living and working in Singapore. Sharing personal stories can indeed create connections. 

If you have any specific stories or experiences you would like to share, we encourage you to join us and contribute to the event. Additionally, if you would like to learn more about Asia and Poland. 

Thank you for your commitment to fostering cultural exchange and friendship. We look forward to your participation in the event.

An Exhibition at the 55 Art Space Singapore . The FPS&A was proud to show the City of Gdansk. We thank the 55 Art Space gallery for their support and the opportunity of promoting Poland. Two of the photos where curated by Agnieszka Koltun and Krystian Koterbski. 

Introducing Poland to locals, foreign professionals and migrant workers in Singapore

Miniature artist Katsukin Takamura connected with the miniature film industry in Poland

Fundraising for IT needs for FPS&A

Organising exhibition for Malaysian artist, Mr BODHI in Poland

Introducing Poland to the Singapore community through Arts and Music

Publishing short stories and audio books of Polish and Asian writers

Heritage restoration

Foundation Ambassadors

Paul Singh Gill 

Paul Singh Gill, a Singaporean whose family heritage spans four generations, has always had a passion for European cultures. He has dedicated his time to studying, working, and traveling to various European nations. Aside from being an entrepreneur, Paul is also an esteemed educator and mentor to students from around the globe, working at prestigious universities in Singapore. In addition, he actively engages in events organized by the FPS&A, advocating for diverse social, cultural, and philanthropic causes. Paul's outstanding contributions have been acknowledged by the FPS&A, who have appointed him as their Ambassador. This role aims to expand the foundation's influence in Singapore and the wider Asian region.

Grzegorz Kempinsky

Grzegorz Kempinsky has honorably accepted the role of Ambassador of Culture for the Polish-Singapore Friendship Foundation. His deep interest in the Singaporean cultural scene and commitment to developing cultural initiatives allow the Foundation to increasingly open doors to the world of art. As a promoter of culture, Grzegorz Kempinsky makes an invaluable contribution to the development of the Polish art scene, which is evident in both his creative work and organizational activities. Grzegorz Kempinsky is a distinguished figure in the world of Polish culture, a graduate of directing at the PWSFTViT in Łódź. His career includes roles such as Artistic Director in prestigious theaters and cultural institutions in Poland. In his professional and private life, he encounters an international environment where culture becomes a bridge connecting people. His ambassadorship in the Foundation is another step in promoting the culture of Singapore and Asia, which underscores his passion for supporting international exchange. Grzegorz Kempinsky, as a interpreter of theatrical literature, understands the importance of exchanging texts and presentations for audiences from different cultures. His interest in the development of culture in Singapore, often seen as a pearl in the South Asian region, stems from a belief in the value of intercultural dialogue and presenting art in a new light, adapted to cultural diversity. Grzegorz Kempinsky is particularly engaged in the process of adapting works to meet the expectations and understanding of an international audience, which is key to enriching the artistic scene.


FPS&A aims to organise events, exhibitions, meetings and other relevant platforms to better promote art across different cultures. This way, local residents and visitors get to experience cultures from across the world and be a linkway for expatriates living in a foreign country to have a slice of home while abroad. Additionally, FPS&A wants to support pre-existing initiatives that are aligned with our goals.


Make your culture an asset

Essentially, FPS&A would like to create a cultural exchange hub for people from Asia and Poland to form friendships through the arts, science and business.

Our Logo

The FPS&A logo is recognised as a symbol of international culture between Singapore and Europe.


FPS&A is grateful to the city of Gdansk, where we are headquartered, for permitting our official correspondence to be based in the Manor of Uphagen. FPS&A is currently on-track for establishing an office in Singapore to receive all interested and prospective collaborators. 

All of our operations are funded through the goodwill of donors. If you would like to contribute to our activities for promoting arts and culture, we would be highly appreciative of your support. You may do so at the bottom of the page. If you would like to discuss publicity related to your donation, please reach out to FPS&A and we will be delighted to answer your queries. 

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